Straight Flush CrossFit is much more than a gym.  It is a strength and conditioning facility that works with each individual to enable them to reach their highest goals in fitness and wellness.  Through the use of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity we can help improve not only your fitness, but your life.  We are located at 8544 Blue Diamond Road Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89178.

We are 100% CrossFit. We combine weightlifting, gymnastics, and high intensity cardio to challenge and develop every athlete we work with.  CrossFit can be for everyone, and with proven results there is no better strength and conditioning program out there.

We are a community and we work hard. CrossFit challenges you mentally and physically. What makes it great is that you push yourself to discover how truly strong you are every day surrounded by a community that is invested in you. CrossFit is about community. Straight Flush CrossFit has been built around pushing people to their limits together and always providing a positive and supportive environment for people to grow.  You will not find egos, bad attitudes, or negativity once you walk in our doors.  We believe and embody that CrossFit is about something bigger than yourself.


Creating a positive and supportive training atmosphere

Commitment to consistency and quality of coaching

Providing a clean, safe environment

Constant improvement/evolution—never being complacent

Hard work. Never taking shortcuts.



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