Originally growing up in Hawaii, Mike has lived in Las Vegas for more than 10 years. Weightlifting was always an interest until 2013. He felt it was becoming “boring”. One day out of the blue he decided to try a CrossFit gym near his home.

At first he felt CrossFit was just another one of “those” workouts, but after his first class he knew he was greatly mistaken!!! CrossFit has completely changed his perception on fitness and how life changing it can be.  It has made fitness fun all over again. The sense of community it brought to his life could never be replaced by any other fitness program.

After completing his L-1 certification Mike and Trevor decided opening a CrossFit gym would actually be fun. A few short months went by and the talking progressed more into reality. Mike hopes to continue to give back to the community that has made this all come to life. It’s the journey he sees people take and the challenges the athletes tackle that makes being a part of this box so special.

Mike’s biggest goal is to show all athletes it doesn’t matter if you have been CrossFitting for years or if it’s your first time, you will always be surprised by the amount of physical and mental strength you truly have.


Coach Trevor Varwig

Trevor was born in Las Vegas and has lived here the majority of his life. Growing up he was always active, played baseball and basketball, and ultimately found his true passion with pole vaulting in high school.

He was first introduced to CrossFit while attending the University of Nebraska Lincoln. During his first CrossFit workout he was humbled very quickly when he finished last and was the youngest in the class. After graduation he returned to Las Vegas and began to pursue coaching in 2012. Ever since, CrossFit has been a huge part of his life. He continues to expand his knowledge of CrossFit and is always trying to find new and interesting ways to teach.

His absolute favorite part about teaching is working with a struggling athlete and seeing their face light up in excitement when something finally clicks. Half the time he gets more excited for the athlete then they do for themselves. His whole mentality with coaching is that he couldn’t care less about what he is able to do and would much rather have an athlete show not only him, but themselves what they are able to accomplish when they push out of their own comfort zone.


Coach Nicole Čuljak

Nicole was born and raised in Southern California. As a child, she was interested in all sports but mostly participated in gymnastics, softball, and dance. As a teenager, she followed a typical gym routine until she was introduced to CrossFit in 2012. After that first WOD, she was hooked and went as often as her body allowed. While the workouts were always challenging, she never gave up. Members often approached her for tips and pointers in the gym, and she enjoyed helping. That’s when she knew it was time to get her L1 certification and start coaching. She moved to Nevada in 2015 to advance her career as a CrossFit Trainer.

Although she has been active throughout her life, Nicole struggles with insulin resistance. This made it difficult for her to maintain an active lifestyle. Nicole found balance through CrossFit and eating more whole foods.

Aside from her L1, Nicole was formerly a Certified Medical Assistant for Orthopedic Surgeons and Sports Medicine physicians. Having more than nine years experience in the medical field has helped her gain exceptional knowledge in anatomy including the muscles and joints.

Nicole constantly researches proper nutrition, balancing glucose levels, mobility, and injury prevention. Though her research doesn’t stop here, she plans on advancing her education in the near future in Kinesiology and obtaining her L2.